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Grief Support

Grief Support ~ Walking the Journey

Joint Ministry of Consolation
St. Bartholomew Church & Holy Family Church



Our ministry strives to create hope through the grief journey, turning grief into triumph, making life more meaningful and spirituality more powerful. 

"Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor the lack of faith - it is the price of love."



All members of our grief support team have been trained in grief support. The entire team, even the ones you don't see, are devoted to helping you journey through what is one of the most difficult times in your life with compassion and support.



Sessions are held in the evening at either St. Bartholomew Parish in Middleburg Heights or Holy Family Parish in Parma.

Each program consists of eight meetings held once a week for eight consecutive weeks, each lasting about two hours. Each weekly meeting build upon the previous ones, so it is important that you plan to attend all eight weeks in order to get the most out of your journey.

Each weekly meeting will be led by the same two facilitators. This allows us to get to know you individually and prevents you from having to repeat yourself week after week.

The group (usually 8-15 participants) learns from the experiences of each member, so your participation is important for us to have a positive group experience. However, if you have an evening where sharing is difficult, we will respect your desire to listen without sharing.



We are a faith based group, however, we welcome all members of the community who are seeking comfort, and who are ready to journey forward to find hope and peace after the loss of a loved one. This program is offered to all participants at no charge.

Our program is most beneficial for those who have had a loss that is at least 12 weeks old (up to several years later is fine too). Several sessions are offered throughout the year in order to accommodate all. 



Grief is a normal and necessary process. 

Grief is hard work. It takes a lot of energy.

People grieve in different ways; there is no right way to grieve.

Tears expressing grief are not a sign of weakness.

Grief expresses itself in many forms - physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, etc.

Grief does not have an "Expiration Date."

Many people will offer advice; trust yourself to do what is right for you.

You have a right to grieve and heal.

It's okay to take a break from your grief.



To find out more about our program, or to register for our next session, please feel free to reach out to one of our facilitators. If there is no answer, kindly leave a message. Your call is very important to us and will be returned as soon as possible.

Christine - (440) 915-0691
Darlene - (440) 785-5841


Joint Ministry of Consolation
St. Bartholomew Church
Middleburg Heights, OH

Holy Family Church
Parma, OH