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Oct 4, 2012

Weekly reading

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  • CasilamPosted on 3/16/18

    Hello. I'm Jeff

  • Alex BakalePosted on 8/14/17

    This is a good one!~

    Often, for a time, we walk with great confidence on the sea of material suffering which life presents us. Suddenly, we forget that the Lord is the one keeping us from sinking beneath the waves. Howbeit that a loss of faith can turn Peter into a dead-stone, when through the Lord's graces he was light as a feather? The answer is that God allows us a chance to create within our environment: Freewill. In God's plan, we have the option to walk on the surface of water, or to sink into the dark depths below. The relationship is reciprocal; A sort of spiritual Murphy's Law. "What one believes will happen, will happen". Or we might add: "What one believes self can accomplish, will be accomplished." The hard part, of course, is holding to faith in the face of so much adversity. However, when the Lord is present to reach out his hand, there is truly nothing to fear. Surely, one should not doubt that Jesus is eternally present. Rather, hearing our plaintive cries, he is always ready to save us from the watery despair which compasses us all about.



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